Teaching & Research Supervision

Teaching and Research Interests
  • Enlightenment Aesthetics
  • 18th C Studies – Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven; Music and Place: London, Paris, Vienna
  • Haydn’s Operas and Theatricality
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Opera; Opera and Mediation; Orpheus
  • Opera and Orientalism; Opera and Diversity
  • Music and Gender Studies
  • Social History of the Piano
  • Listening/Viewing/Spectatorship
  • Politics of Musical Reception
  • Music and Jewish Identity
Graduate Courses Taught
  • Music and the Enlightenment (MUS1265)
  • Haydn (MUS1236)
  • Introduction to Music Research (MUS1000)
  • Approaches to Musicology (MUS1001)
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to an Interdisciplinary Art Form: Opera (MUS1203/COL3375) – co-taught with University Professor Linda Hutcheon
  • Orientalism and Opera (MUS1105/JLE5075) – with University Professor Linda Hutcheon 
  • Music and Jewish Identity (MUS1068
  • Orpheus (MUS1245)
Undergraduate Courses - Faculty of Music

(1993-96; 2007- )

  • Lives in Music (MMU100)
  • Music and Entrepreneurship (HMU327) – with TSO, and TBO
  • The Glenn Gould Legacy (HMU310)
  • The Operas of Mozart (HMU380)
  • Historical Survey II (HMU226)
  • Topics in Classical Music (HMU430)
  • Music of the Western Tradition (HMU204)
  • Introduction to Music Research (HMU223)
  • Women and Music (HMU207)
  • Haydn (HMU358)
Undergraduate Courses - Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • The Age of Haydn and Mozart (MUS325)
  • The World of Opera (MUS206)
  • A Social History of the Piano (MUS335)
  • Music for Orchestra (MUS202)
  • Beethoven (MUS207)
Undergraduate Courses, UTSC


  • Introduction to Music (VPAA80Y)
  • Elementary Music Theory (VPAA94)
  • Music and Gender (VPAC83)
  • Music of the Classic Period (VPAB83)
  • Beethoven (VPAC85)
  • Music of the Romantic Period (VPAB84)
  • Handel (VPAC87)
  • Research in the Arts (VPAB04)
  • Opera (VPAC80)
  • Topics in Music and Society 1600-1900 I (VPAB87); and 1600-1900 II (VPAB88)
  • Piano Roles (VPMB76)
  • Senior Project in Visual and Performing Arts (VPAD02)
  • Current Issues in the Visual and Performing Arts (VPAC01)
  • Collaborations in the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA05)

Research Supervision

PhD and DMA Supervision: thesis supervisor - completed theses
  • Katelyn Clark (2013-19); degree awarded June 2019. “The Early Pianoforte School in London’s Musical World, 1785-1800: Technology, Market, Gender, and Style” (FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of British Columbia, 2019-2022)
  • Virginia Acuña (2010-16); degree awarded June 2016.
    “The Spanish lamento: discourses of love, power and gender in the musical theatre (1696-1718)” (SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill University, 2018-2020)
  • Eva Branda (2009-13), co-supervisor with Ryan McClelland; degree awarded June 2014.
    “Representations of Antonín Dvořák: A Study of his Music through the Lens of Late-Nineteenth-Century Czech Criticism” (Assistant Professor, Western University)
  • Andrea Botticelli (2010-13); degree awarded June 2014.
    “‘Creating Tone’:  The Relationship between Beethoven’s Piano Sonority and Evolving Instrument Designs, 1800-1810.” (Fortepianist and recording artist; faculty member at the Glenn Gould School, RCM)
  • Elisha Denburg (2011-13); degree awarded June 2013.
    “From Synagogue to Concert Hall: the world of Srul Irving Glick.” (Composer; Toy Piano Composers; Toronto Summer Music)
PhD Supervision: in progress
  • Rena Roussin (2018-) “Joseph Haydn at the Intersections: Environmentalism, Gender, Race, and late-eighteenth-century Musical Activism”; SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS D), 2019-22.
Additional doctoral advising
  • 17 doctoral advisory committees (14 completed)
  • 5 internal examiner committees (Musicology, Music Education, Music and Health)
  • 4 external examination reports for other universities (3 Canadian; 1 international)
  • 8 MA supervisions
  • 8 Undergraduate supervisions (1 current)