Ongoing Research

Haydn, Orpheus, Madness, and the French Revolution” – book project

Transcultural Contexts for Understanding Haydn’s Creation” – journal article
– based on paper presented at the annual meeting of the AMS in San Antonio TX, November 2018

The Premiere of Haydn’s Orfeo in Florence (1951): A Cold War Story
– presentation at HSNA pre-AMS conference, Boston, October 2019

Haydn and Entrepreneurship
– invited book chapter (Spring 2020)

Outside the Library of the European University Institute in Fiesole, Tuscany. (May 2018)
With Haydn statue at Haydn’s workplace, Eszterháza (Esterházy family palace in western Hungary). (August 2017)
In front of the Teatro della Pergola in Florence where Haydn’s Orfeo premiered in 1951.  Opera was originally composed for London in 1791, but it was never performed. This is the subject of my next book project. (May 2018)